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Christmas, a time for sausage rolls?

Christmas, a time for sausage rolls?



Youth sessionChristmas


Paul Lee, St Albans Vineyard

Christmas, a time for sausage rolls?

Key text

Luke 2 : 1 - 21

We will be exploring what really makes Christmas, where it came from and why it is important.

Today we will be starting a two-week Christmas series, called “Christmas: a time for sausage rolls?”. We will be looking at what makes Christmas special, and what is truly behind it.

This week we are going to be starting at the very beginning and looking at why God needed to send his only son to Earth as a human baby.

What Makes Christmas Special?

Christmas is a busy time of year for lots of people for a variety of different reasons. There are parties to go to, presents to buy, things to eat and songs to sing. However, what do we really think is important to make Christmas well Christmas?

As a group I want you to order these things in importance, from Christmas essential to not important at all.

Get the youth to order the “What makes Christmas” cards in what they think is the most important.

After they have ordered these items as them if there is anything they think is missing from this list and get them to add them into their order.

For many Christmas is more about gifts, parties and socialising that it is about Christ. If you are to watch your TVs or browse online it is easy to think that Christmas is all centred around a fat bloke in a red suit than it is about the saviour of the universe coming to Earth as a humble baby, or companies turning this momentous event into a cheap advert for their products.

Because of this it is more important than ever that we know both the truth about Christmas, but also why God did it in the first place.

Where Does It Start?

So, we have established what we think is important for Christmas, but where do we think that the Christmas story begins, who has any suggestions?

Encourage the youth to share their ideas, for example:

  • When the angel Gabriel told Mary that she was going to have a son.
  • When the Magi (wise men) saw an unusually bright star in the sky, and followed it.
  • When Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem.

Many of these ideas are good, but you could argue that the Christmas story actually began way before this. You may remember from a few weeks ago, during our Care of Creation series we read in Colossians 1 : 15 - 17.

Here we see that Jesus has been a central part of God’s plan for creation since the very beginning of time, and that all things in the world have been created through him to be in worship of him, and are intended to be held together by him.

However, not everyone has wanted to follow this plan, where God and his son Jesus are the ones who are in control and are the ones who are worshipped. Can you think of any examples where individuals have chosen to go against God’s plan?

Some examples of this are:

  • Satan trying to be worshipped like God, Revelation 12 : 7 - 9
  • Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, Genesis 3
  • Israel turning away from God, Exodus 32, Deuteronomy 7, Jeremiah 2 and many other examples across the Old Testament.

We see throughout the Bible that each time humanity turns away from God, he provides a way for his people to recover from their mistakes and return into a relationship with him.

However, there is a cost to each of these mistakes and a sacrifice has to be made in order to be made in order for us to be acceptable again to our God who is perfect.

Let’s take Adam and Eve as our first example, and the actions that God took after they chose to ignore God and eat the forbidden fruit, which resulting in them feeling shame of their nakedness for the first time, which we read in Genesis 3 : 21 - 24.

Here we see that God is provides them with a gift to help them in the place they find themselves in. He provides them with clothes, to cover the nakedness and shame that they brought upon themselves though ignoring him. However, in order for them to benefit from these clothes made out of skins, first there had to be a death, the first of its kind in all of creation. This death is symbolic of the sacrifice needed to restore our relationship with God.

We see this example of sacrifice in several of the books in the Old Testament. Such as the parts of Exodus, and the books of Leviticus and Numbers. Here we see God giving us the ability to restore our relationship with him, by allowing the life of an animal to take the punishment we deserved, which according to God’s standards is death.

Let There Be Light


Christmas is primarily about God’s decision to end this cycle of bad decision (by us) and death once and for all.

The way he chooses to do this is by going to Earth himself to become an ultimate sacrifice to end all sacrifices. God didn’t do this in a blaze of thunder and fire, he instead chose to come as a innocent, helpless baby to come to the rescue as we will read in Luke 2 : 1 - 21.

Jesus being born in a stable was part of God’s plan to restore humanity to having a relationship with God, by bringing light into an otherwise dark world. God did this because as we read in John 3 : 13 God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

God sent his son to Earth not only to end the cycle of sin and sacrifice but he also came to show the love of God and bring light and hope to a dark and hopeless world.

To help us remember this we are going to make our own paper candles.

Give each youth two strips of white paper, a fame and a base. They will need to cut out the flame and base.

Get them to write on one of the strips some of the bad decisions that humanity has made by turning away from God.

Then on the other strip write down the things that God has done to restore relationship with humanity.

Then stick the two strips at right angles in one corner and alternately fold over the strips. Once folded glue the top parts together. Then glue the candle to the base and glue the flame onto the top of the candle.

Closing Prayer

It would be good to pray for:

  • Thanking God that he sent Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice for us.
  • Thanking God that no matter where we are in our lives, or what we have done he always wants to bring us back into being in relationship with him.
  • Asking God to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas while we also enjoy the rest of the fun that this season brings.