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Care of Creation

Care of Creation



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Paul Lee, St Albans Vineyard

Care of Creation - 1 - Why Care?

Key text

Colossians 1 : 15 - 23

God built creation to be good, and for all parts of creation to work in harmony through Jesus. We will be looking at where this has gone off track and asking how we can care for God’s creation.

This week we will be starting a new series called ‘Care of Creation’ we will be looking at why we should care about our world, and some practical ways that we can start caring for the creation that God prepared for us.

More Than Just A Planet

Right at the very front of your Bibles, in Genesis, we see that God is the creator of the universe and everything within it. What’s more we see that God looks at his creation and he observes that what he has made was ‘very good’.

In Colossians, as we are about to read, the Earth is much more than just a rock hurtling at millions of miles an hour around the sun. It is a unique creation created by God and through his son Jesus to form to be part of his kingdom forever.

Let’s take a look at Colossians 1 : 15 - 23.

We see there that creation isn’t simply an event where God created the universe and then left it to its own devices we see that God, and his son Jesus remain actively interested in creation, and continue to play an active part in its ongoing health and stability.

Take a look at verse 16, here we see that everything has been created ‘through him and for him’. Here we see that we and all of his creation exist for his pleasure and for his glory. Knowing that how does that make you feel?

Encourage the youth to share their views. Some things you might want to try and focus on would be:

  • If we and all the Earth have been created for the pleasure of God, there is therefore a lot of value in it.
  • If Jesus values and takes pleasure from creation, we should want to take care of it and not exploit it.

What is wrong?


  • "Man" video

So you might be thinking “that’s all very well, but what has that got to do with me?” or maybe “my life doesn’t harm creation, after all I don’t go around punching penguins or setting fire to forests”.

However, as we are about to see in a short cartoon that we are going to watch together, through our everyday decisions each one of our lives can have a big impact on creation.

Show the video ‘man’.


  • A3 paper
  • Pens

Hopefully after watching that clip it has got you thinking about the impact that we all have on our world. Can you think of some of the things that we do, or that we buy or support that have a harmful impact on God’s creation?

Get the youth to share their suggestions and write these down on the sheet of paper. These could relate to the environment, animals or other people across the world.

The World Needs Jesus To Hold It Together

I would suggest that one of the biggest reasons why humanity has moved so far from caring for creation in the way that God intended is because as a society Jesus is being pushed out of the picture. We see in Colossians 1 : 17 it says “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

During the next talk place the images out like shown and then during your talk stick the pieces together with tape as shown by the yellow lines.

It has always been God’s intention that his son Jesus would hold creation together so that all aspects of creation, such as humanity, the Earth’s resources, the climate and the animals would work together through him.

As we see in our world today, without Jesus holding the various areas of our world together we start to get the fractured and hurting planet that we see today. Where the most vulnerable parts of creation are exploited by humanity.

How does this make you feel, how do you think we as Christians can allow Jesus to take centre stage in creation?

Encourage the youth to share their views.

Crazy Climate

One way in which this broken relationship with creation is displaying itself is through climate change.

Split the group into two groups (or four groups if there are a lot of youth). Then get them to read through the profile and then get them to come up with a skit or short drama that illustrates what is happening in that place and the impact that it is having both on the climate and God’s creation as a whole.

Give them up to 10 minutes to come up with and practice their routines and then get them to share with the rest of the group.

If they are not up for acting maybe encourage them to talk through this relationship instead.

But There Is Hope

The last thing that I want to focus on today is that although the brokenness of creation may seem negative, there is a positive outcome for it.

As we see in Colossians 1 : 21 – 22 Jesus’s death and resurrection on the cross he has provided us with a way to restore our relationship with God despite the bad decisions and brokenness we have in our lives and in our world.

We have the opportunity now to turn away from our decisions and our actions that hurt creation, pollute our world and exploit its many resources placed here by God. Jesus’ actions allow us to be forgiven for our actions of the past, and our actions in the future as we try and be obedient to him and honour his creation to the best of our abilities.

Closing Prayer

Next week we will be spending some time focusing on practical ways that we can care for creation but for now let’s close in prayer.

It would be good to pray for:

  • Thanking God for taking an active involvement in creation both at the beginning and today.
  • Ask God to help us realise the value and significance of his creation to him.
  • Ask God to help us be open to new ways that we can be taking better care of his creation.