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You won’t miss it until its gone

“Suppose a woman who has ten silver coins loses one of them — what does she do? She lights a lamp, sweeps her house, and looks carefully everywhere until she finds it. When she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbours together, and says to them, ‘I am so happy I found the coin I lost. Let us celebrate!’ In the same way, I tell you, the angels of God rejoice over one sinner who repents.”

Luke 15 : 8 - 10 (MSG)

I'm sure that at one point or another you have lost something important. Maybe it was a passport just before going on holiday, or your wallet, your keys, or an important document or assignment just before a deadline. Whatever it was I am sure you also remember the heart sinking moment when you realised you lost it. Which was most likely followed by a frantic hunt around your house as you tried to find the elusive thing, upending everything in the process!

Similarly I am sure that you also remember the relief and joy you experienced when you found the elusive object, as all of the worry and anxiety you had about it vanished. Then you are able to continue with what you were planning.

Another scenario might be that someone you care about has gone on a trip to a far-flung place, and you can’t help but worry about them until they have made it safely back home, at which point you are once again filled with the relief and joy we have already talked about.

This rollercoaster of emotions is exactly what our passage today is talking about. It says that in heaven joy erupts every time someone finds their way back to God. His angels are overjoyed each time someone who has been 'lost', living without a relationship in God says sorry and begins a relationship with him and his son Jesus.

The good thing about lost things is that if you look hard enough they can be found again. This is true also for relationships with each other and with God. We may sometimes feel that because of things that have happened that all is lost forever, then give up hope. But this isn't the case, you may need the right tools (such as the woman with her lamp) but with time and effort anything that is lost can be found.

If you need help re-finding a relationship with someone or with God your local church may be able help. Have a great week.

This weeks song is Restart by the band Newsboys.

Header image by: mirasview via Flickr