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What does your castle look like?

The Lord is like a strong tower, where the righteous can go and be safe. Rich people, however, imagine that their wealth protects them like high, strong walls round a city.

Proverbs 18 : 10 - 11 (GNB)

Our passage today is all about where you turn to for protection when life gets tough. Kings have historically sought their safety in their castles, fortresses and strong towers. When the enemy approached they would raise the drawbridge, shut the doors and trust that their castle, their strong tower would keep the enemy at bay and keep them safe.

Each one of us have our own castles that we turn to when we are scared and need some protection. However your castle probably isn't made of blocks of stone or come with a drawbridge.

Your castle, your source of security might be your family and friends, possibly it is your money or your job. It might be drink, drugs or some other form of escapism... Maybe your castle is God.

Our passage this week tells us the importance of picking the right place of refuge, the right castle to run to. God promises that he will always protect everyone who trusts and follows him. His tower is strong enough to keep out even the most persistent of attackers.

Money is singled out in this passage as being an example of a weak alternative for God's protection. The reason being because it is arguably the most common alternative source of protection that people turn to. It can be easy to think that money can be the solution to all of life's problems. However as we have seen over recent years and still today money and economies are volatile and can crumble away especially when things get difficult.

When you are looking at your castle, your place of safety are you confident that it is strong enough to protect you through your toughest times. Do you feel assured that the 'walls' won't cave in under strain? If you are unsure maybe it is time to take a look at God's steadfast alternative which will never let you down. Have a great week.

This week's song is Shake by Mercy Me.

Header image by: Dave Conner via Flickr