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What doesn't kill you...

Since Christ suffered physically, you too must strengthen yourselves with the same way of thinking that he had; because whoever suffers physically is no longer involved with sin. From now on, then, you must live the rest of your earthly lives controlled by God's will and not by human desires.

1 Peter 4 : 1 - 2 (GNB)

I'm sure that you have heard the saying "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger". People have a tendency to say this just after something has gone wrong or you have suffered a setback or accident. With the idea of the saying being that out of the pain of a setback we can see where we went wrong and learn from our mistakes. Allowing us to be in a better, stronger position next time.

This week's passage has similarities with this old saying. Here we are told that we need to make use of the difficult and challenging times in our lives. These times of hardship will help us to strengthen ourselves. This new found strength will be essential for us to successfully live the lives that God has planned for us. The author, Peter makes no hesitation in telling us that this isn't going to be easy. Just like athletes who train for months for a single race, he tells us to expect it to be hard work, both physically and mentally.

Hopefully this will not be too much of a shock for you. I am sure you appreciate that in life anything that is worth doing or worth having involves work. Also in many cases will also involve sacrifice. It is simply a case of deciding which things are worth your effort and which are not.

As we are told in the passage we need to make a transition in the way that we live our lives. Moving from living by human desires, following what the world wants. To instead living by Gods desires, following what he wants us to do.

This change needs to be wholehearted, there is no point saying “I will follow God's desires Sunday, and maybe Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of the week is mine and I will do what I like”. This week make the decision to be strong, and follow God's desires rather than your own. Have a great week.

This week's song is Born to Love by Capital Kings.

Header image by: Chris Ford via Flickr