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Stay sharp

People learn from one another, just as iron sharpens iron.

Proverbs 27 : 17 (GNB)

Have you ever tried cutting something with a bunt saw? Chances are that you found it a lot more difficult than you were expecting. Also if your DIY skills are anything like mine you probably made a right mess of whatever you were trying to cut up in the process!

The same task would have been much easier if you had used the same saw when it was still sharp and well maintained. Also the end result of your sawing would probably have been much cleaner using the sharp saw over the blunt one.

You might be thinking that's all very well and could be handy when I do some DIY, but why focus on it today? Well, there is much more that we can take away from this single passage than just being a good DIY-er. We ourselves are God's tools. We have a distinct function, and like a saw we too work best when we are well maintained, focused and sharp!

So how do we keep ourselves sharp? As you would a saw though regular maintenance and care. As the passage says by learning from, and helping each other. We work best as being part of a God loving supportive community. That is other people helping to build you up, and you doing the same for others.

This week don't let yourself become blunt and useless, instead keep yourself sharp by learning from, and supporting those around you. Put a greater emphasis on building up your relationships with those around you. Then allow some of your blunt edges (whether they are habits, enthusiasm, or direction) to be knocked off and turned into something sharp and useful.

This weeks song is Pray by Sanctus Real.

Header image by: Soren Niedziella via Flickr