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Recharge your batteries

My mind and my body may grow weak, but God is my strength; he is all I ever need.

Psalms 73 : 26 (GNB)

We all get tired sometimes, both physically and emotionally. You may have been physically tired after exerting yourself more than usual. Maybe you have been out jogging, down the gym or digging in the garden.

You may also be emotionally tired after a busy day at work, after a difficult meeting, following an argument with someone or getting some bad news. Possibly you just find yourself trying to avoid nodding off in front of the telly watching the late night news.

For whatever reason you find yourself tired it is important for us to recharge, to renew our strength and energy. To get ourselves back to a state where we are able to give our best, think straight and concentrate properly on what we are doing.

Many people try and do this on their own. Simply relying on their own ability to recharge and re-strengthen themselves, possibly brewing a large cup of strong coffee or reaching for a can of energy drink. However as we see in our passage this is not the only option. We can also turn to God and ask him to re-strengthen and revitalise us.

With God recharging our batteries we are able to run further, do more and make a far bigger impact than when we try and go it alone. We might have limits to what we can do, but God doesn't. Remembering that we can go through life in God's strength rather than our own makes any challenge less daunting. Things that were too hard to do on your own, are much easier when God is there spurring you on.

This week don't allow your battery to run low and tiredness set in. Rely on God to give you all the energy you need to thrive. Have a great week.

This week's song is Fiery Love by Samuel Lane.

Header image by: John Seb Barber via Flickr