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Playing in tune

How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God's people to live together in harmony!

Psalm 133 : 1 (GNB)

Imagine that we (God's people) are an orchestra, playing in a grand auditorium, like the Albert Hall. If everyone works together playing the same song, at the same time and at the same speed the result will be pleasant and harmonious.

However if each member of the orchestra plays their own song, with it's own melody and rhythm the chances are that the result will be a deafening mess, bringing joy to no-one.

That is why an orchestra has a conductor, who helps keep everyone in time, (and gets the woodwind section back in the right place if they get lost in the chorus). By working together and keeping time each musician is able to contribute to something that is far more impressive than they could possibly produce on their own.

This is the same in real life too. When we all pull together with a clear focus and direction we can make a big impact in our communities for God. This impact will be stronger, more far reaching and effective when everyone pulls together, rather than scatter and do our own little things.

This does of course mean that there will have to be a bit of 'give and take' with those around you. Sometimes it might involve going along with the group, even if it isn't quite your cup of tea. Similarly at other times other people will need to be willing to run with your ideas. When we are working towards Gods plans and doing so together God can do great things through us.

This week let's make harmonious music and play the song that God has planned for us. A song that is good enough for the greatest theatres.

As it is nearly Christmas this week we are listening to Noel by Hillsong Young & Free

Header image by: Frederik Magle Music via Flickr