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Living life like a festival

The Lord himself will lead you and be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you, so do not lose courage or be afraid.

Deuteronomy 31 : 8 (GNB)

As we reach the end of the summer we have also reached the end of the festival season. Over the course of the year tens of thousands of people have attended Christian festivals such as Soul Survivor, Spring Harvest, New Wine, Dreaming The Impossible and countless others across the country.

While you are at a Christian festival your usual routine goes out the window. You are in a different setting, with different people doing different things. Even the simple act of nipping off to the loo involves a half mile hike across a field!

However, most importantly we have a different focus. Free from our usual distractions we are able to focus more intently on God. We are able to get fully involved in whatever is happening, to get fully into worship, prayer, learning more about him and experiencing his power, possibly for the first time.

You get fully into the festival flow, you are on high seeing the great things that God is doing and then all of a sudden it is time to go home. Time to go back to the reality we came from, back to the routine of work, school or uni.

So do we need to wait until next year to meet with God like this again? Of course not, as we see in our passage this week God has promised from the very beginning to always be with us. That means that we can continue the festival lifestyle all year round. (However as a note for Soul Survivor attendees that doesn't necessarily mean throwing paint around every time the sun comes out).

You may no longer be living in a tent pitched in some field in the middle of nowhere. However that doesn't matter, the God that we worship is just the same at home, school or work as he was at the festivals. You can keep focusing on God with all you have got, keep trusting in him and keep living the life that he has prepared for you to live. Have a great week and live life like a festival.

This weeks' song is Dynamite by Soul Survivor.

Header image by: Paul Lee