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He's good for it

The Lord blessed Sarah, as he had promised, and she became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham when he was old. The boy was born at the time God had said he would be born.

Genesis 21 : 1 - 2 (GNB)

In our passage this week we see that God will always keep his word, even if we get bored waiting and try and sort it out ourselves.

Here we have an account of Sarah, a woman in her nineties giving birth to a healthy child conceived by a man, Abraham who was a century old! Earlier on in their lives God had promised this couple countless descendants, yet the years rolled by and they never had never had any children.

As you can imagine, as time went on their patience started to wear thin. As they entered their more senior years they got bored of waiting and decided to give God a 'helping hand'. Abraham went off married and slept with one of his young servants who duly got pregnant and gave Abraham a son.

However this wasn't the child that God had promised. God was still going to make good on his promise, despite how preposterous the situation seemed.

The key thing that we need to take away from this passage is that God always keeps his promises. However he will honour them in his time and in his way. We just need to be patient and continue trusting that God will come through in the end. Have a great week.

This week's song is Higher by Unspoken.

Header image by: Sarah Reid via Flickr