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Building something that lasts

But the Master, God, has something to say to this: "Watch closely. I'm laying a foundation in Zion, a solid granite foundation, squared and true. And this is the meaning of the stone: a trusting life won't topple. I'll make justice the measuring stick and righteousness the plumb line for the building. A hailstorm will knock down the shantytown of lies, and a flash flood will wash out the rubble."

Isaiah 28 : 16 - 17 (MSG)

If you have ever tried laying foundations you will know that it is hard work. Whether it was a foundation for something big or small it probably involved a lot of digging, mixing and lifting. Foundations take time and effort to prepare. There are several stages that you will need to go through. First, you have to level the ground, then you need to add a base layer of rocks and rubble, then add the concrete itself. Finally, you will need to leave it to set and form a strong base for whatever is going to be built upon it.

However, if you want your building to last, the effort that was spent creating the firm foundation can be worth it. Whatever structure you build, whether that is a shed, garage relies on its foundations in order to give it strength. You might try and build something without a foundation, and it might be fine while the weather is nice and the ground is dry. However when the weather turns and the ground becomes soggy things might change. The foundation keeps the walls in place and stops them from slipping, and keeping the structure firmly together.

God wants to be the foundation of our lives. He wants to be the reliable base that we can build our lives on top of. The key piece that holds everything together, even when the clouds gather and the weather makes a turn for the worse. When God is the foundation in our lives he gives us strength, strength to hold everything together even when others who chose a different foundation are falling apart.

This week have a think about how strong is your foundation with God. Is it deep enough to hold everything you are carrying through life? Take the time to ask God if there is anything that you can do to make it as strong as it can possibly be. Have a great week.

This week's song is Take Heart by Vineyard Worship at DTI 2016.

Header image by: Sam MacCutchan via Flickr